14 April 2007

Here we meet here we say goodbye

This Monday will be HY's last day with SLB...When i first heard about her resigning, i was so shocked..because i think we are quite close in SLB but she didn't tell me about it. Actually,come to think about it, it is very normal fact of life. People come people go..
Times flies, still remember those times when i first joined SLB and we went out for lunch on my first day at work. It didn't take long for both of us to be close to each other. We are always laughing away, you are such a good friend that always listen to me and share with me everything that happen in my life. I appreciate it very much deep inside my heart.

HY, i am going to miss you so much! *hugz* All the best to you..even though our time together was short, i am glad that we met in SLB! Please try to stay in touch and most importantly, meet up with us as often as you can!!!

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