27 August 2006

He's just not that into you -Real Life Experience

Recently i got close with one guy, not very close but we tried keeping in touch every now and then. He is a funny guy, i always like guys who can make me laugh!I thought this is going to be something beautiful, my close friend thought so too. Then i got two signs:
1) Called him but never call back, only sms me the next morning; FINE
2) SMS him about time to meet up tomorrow justnow and til now 2am there's no response as well...SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH THIS GUY?!
I am waiting to see the 3rd sign, if he do this again.. That's it, i think i have experienced the He's Just Not that Into You symptons. Sad to say i have wasted a LiL part of my life on him, but heck, life is all about experiencing it anyway.
Good Luck to me, i am meeting him tomorrow, that is if he reply my sms! :p $%$&$&$% ...There are so many guys out there anyway ! (just that all taken only what :()
Please ignore me if you find me irritating haha..i am just too tired today!
Went to Sibu wednesday til friday, will post my photos soon!!!CIAO BELLE.....

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