05 September 2006

When death was so close

Last Friday i received a bad news from my mom : my uncle has passed away in Batu Pahat! The moment i heard the news,i felt devastated...We all thought that he is recovering from his operation two months ago...Mom was crying badly in the phone and wants to go back to bp as soon as possible. We rushed back to bp after work to help out with the funeral.
Most of the memories i have with my uncle was when i was still small. Sometimes i will stay overnight at his house to play with my cousins. I always like to go to his house as its so fun with my cousins around! He has always treated me with kindness and generousity. Even though he is not rich, he will always ask me to eat more during dinner time when i was at his house. He is a chatty person, always like to ask about things going on in our life.
The whole funeral was such a heartbreaking one. My auntie and my cousins were so sad especially my uncle's only daughter. She is the closest to his father. Everyday his father will send her to work and they will usually talk on the way to work. However, she told me that she didn't talk to her father on the day he passed away when he sent her to work. She told us how she wished she talked to her father on the way to work. I feel so useless as i can't ease her pain, i can only listen to her, and comfort her at the same time.
Through this experience, i realised the importance of spending time with family and taking care of them.Also, we should also take good care of our health in order to take care of our family. Life is unpredictable, we never know when is the time for us to leave the world. To leave the world without any regret and worry, we must spend our time wisely!
rest in peace my uncle and bless your family...you will always be with us in our heart...

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Rainy said...

hey dear,
dun be too sad ya..and agree with u, cherish ur life.:)