24 December 2006

Merry Christmas~!

I can't believe this~This is one of the most happening holiday the whole year and i am SICK~~~ ARGHHH....from sore throat few days ago it turned into really bad coughing...How am i supposed to go out and party???

But..i can't !i simply can't stay at home and watch TV! I REFUSE...so..i am going to Serena's party anyway hahaha...pity those people who's gonna stand beside me..most probably i will be coughing the whole night :P There would be No ALCOHOL for me tonight though...*sob sob*

Hope it will be fun tonight...PARTEEeEe~!!!

1 comment:

Rainy said...

poor gal! hope u have recover.
and update ur space so i can know how u celebrate ur christmas!hehe