03 December 2006

Quick Update

Gosh..can't believe i have been sick for the entire last week! I HATE IT!
Starting from last Monday..it had gotten worse..and because i was so stubborn, i only went to the doctor on Friday afternoon, when i finally cannot tahan and on the verge of collapsing in the office! Always pay for the price of being stubborn..!
Also at the same time getting very busy at work these days (just when you are sick!), which is a good thing as i am beginning to pick up things gradually..but..due to my illness i have unintentionally caused my colleague to be scolded by my boss.what was i thinking???*slap slap*..*faint*
Attended my cousin's wedding in Batu Pahat over the weekend..it was a lovely wedding! Will post those photos shortly...I was one of the zi muis on Saturday morning..luckily i was feeling much better..if not i would have missed the wedding..
Hopefully everything will be fine from tomorrow onwards! No more sickness..focus at work...and continue blogging~! La La La...

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