10 June 2007

Life's short, Get a Divorce?

Was reading newspaper this morning until i see this ...*faint*

the advertisement was by one of the law firms in US...how can you create such a slogan to encourage people to think about divorce? Marriage to me is a life time promise, it should be be treated as "try it first , money back guarantee" kind of program, which is that kind of msg this advert is sending to the mass. It's so sad that the more advanced the society is , the less people regard of marriage...i think it's v hard to find someone you love and be able to marry him/her. We should all treasure what we have in our life, isn't it?
P.S : check out the female Attorney's boobs...is that suppose to be as eye catching as their slogan?

Anyway today i went to Delicious at Bangsar II. Loving the whole environment of the restaurant..very nicely design..gives me a kind of relaxing feeling on Sunday afternoon ...
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Most importantly, the Blueberry Apple Crumble with Vanilla ice cream is sooo good! wahaha...Check it out yourselves if you happen to be around that area and fancy some afternoon tea!

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