30 July 2007

Harry Potter on sale again in MPH!

Last Sat i was at the Summit USJ with Subang. Went into MPH because Maddy wanted to check if MPH is selling the last Harry Potter book despite me telling her that they are not selling any! Surprise surprise!!! MPH has indeed began selling it again!and guess what? Its selling at RM109.90 BUT.........with 20% discount somemore with any purchase at the bookstore! haha..actually its good news for the readers and i think its a good strategy deployed by the Company..SMART MOVE there..

i mean, come on! instead of not selling it at all and let the stock just lie there..shouldn't you think of some ideas of how to win over the hypermarkets?!such as buy book free HP keychain or things like that? all these strategy might boost the sales further~! instead of complaining n protest about it..i rather spend some time sit down n think of possible actions to be taken!
Anyway i think they kinda figure that out without my advice haha! See? That move makes Maddy such a happy girl! She finally gotten hold of the hardcover Adult version of the Harry Potter book ...!

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