01 July 2007

Doreen's Wedding 30.05.07

Am back from Batu Pahat, as i mentioned in my last post, went back to attend Doreen's wedding. Doreen is actually my high school class mate..we used to be quite close to each other, she is my jogging buddy. However ever since Form 5 i haven't seen her at all. I know maybe you guys think its a bit weird to attend her wedding since i haven't seen her for so long. Actually who cares, i mean i am happy enough that she remember me and invited me through friendster. At least now i know that she is happily married to the love of her life, thats really enough for me. I also had chance to see some classmates that i haven't seen since Form 5. So all the rushing back to BP its worth it!

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me before the wedding dinner

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Doreen and i...

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Doreen and Sock Yee

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one of my classmate's son! Can't believe it!

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another photo of Doreen and i

I wish Doreen and Wai Lup to be in love forever and ever..

Congratulations !!!

And..the post on Charity Night will follow shortly, got to sort out the pics first...Chrys from my firm WON!We are so happy for her!!!

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