14 July 2007

The King and I

went to watch The King and i yesterday at Istana Budaya because my aunt gave us two free tickets! Hooray thanks to my aunt!

I enjoyed watching this than My Fair Lady last time. Love the voice of the actress playing Ana don't really like the voice of the actor playing the King. Maybe because the Thai ascent is somewhat strong and sometimes i can't really catch what is he saying or singing. I would give it a B+ ! The King and I is now showing at Istana Budaya until 26th July 2007, you can go to www.axcess.com.my for more info and seating plan. Anyway i think yesterday some Ministers were there as well..but sorry ah can't recall their names :p

It is a pretty busy weekend for me....went to client's place justnow for almost the whole day...tiring man!

Tonight i am watching Emil Chow's concert at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, hope it will be good! need to relax a bit as i had a hectic week at work.. time to take shower ...take care guys!

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