23 July 2007

Lawyers Get Together SLB

We had SLB lawyers-get-together at Bar Savanh last Friday.. was really fun...everyone enjoyed it i think...the food was good and i love the wine~

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Audrey and i..Leaving us soon...

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Group photo

Recently many colleagues left us..i am wondering..what is wrong? Is it because of the profession itself or is it because of the firm? Is it happening at every firm? I am lost too, wondering if i am suited to become a lawyer.. Not meticulous enough to be one i supposed...Maybe its time to think of a backup plan...Malaysian lawyers are so underpaid and overworked....only those with determination will persevere until the end...Maybe i am not meant to be one of them..

What is success to me if i have lost my youth by working long hours? What is success to me if i can't spend quality time with my family? What is success to me if i don't have anyone to share with?
I think i have already made up my mind not to be one of them..

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ghuixian said...

I totally agree