11 November 2007

My Love and H@te Affairs in China - Day 2

Just came back from watching Chicago the musical. It was indeed very entertaining! I've watched the movie before and i love the movie. I must say that the movie did not differ much from the musical, therefore i had a good time tonight too. Anyway continue with my post on my China trip.

Anyway, forgot to mention on my first post that at the starting of our journey, our Malaysia tour guide informed us that there is this "optional tour" that we can choose to take up when we arrive in China. Essentially, this optional tour covers shopping at night as our itinerary is only until dinner time. She further told us that we can consider and let her know when we arrived in China. After our Day 1 in Shanghai and while we are on our way to Suzhou, we told the tourguide that we are not going to take up the optional tour and requested for them to send us back to the hotel after dinner.

After we informed the Malaysia tourguide of our decision, the China tourguide asked to speak to us personally. We were wondering what problem does he has and there he was, telling us in a nice way that we have to take up the optional tour. At this point of time, we were feeling very dissatisfied because they are the one who told us to think about it and decide accordingly. After brief discussion with the China tourguide, we still do not want to take up the optional tour. Who noes that China tour guide went up to the bus and explained a whole lot of bullshit stories trying to convince us to take up the optional tour. All the while we were informed that this is only optional, there is no time whereby it is a compulsory tour! We got really angry and the argument lasted for around half an hour.

Finally i said to both of the tour guide, as we do not wish to hold up other ppl's time, we shall pay the optional tour fees now but we reserve our right to take legal action against the tour company once we are back in Malaysia. How can i let this happen to us? I made up my mind to pursue further when we come back. Then the whole thing ended and our mood for this tour is being spoilt. Anyway we still tried to enjoy ourselves and we did in Suzhou. It is a nice place. It was COLD in Suzhou~ You can see that we are wearing a lot in our photos!

I love the Han Sam Temple however we were only given half an hour's time to walk around the temple. I didn't even have the time to go up to the Pagoda. AFter the temple, we went to the silk factory and we were given two hours in that stupid factory!!! I hate all these tourguides and the stupid itinerary ! grrr.....After visiting the factory, we went to this place called Shi Zhi Lin, direct translation to english "the Garden of Lion". Pictures of Shi Zhi Lin are in the slide show as well. The Garden of Lion actually belongs to a very wealthy man. This wealthy man moved huge stones from around the town and built this magnificient garden. Even the Qian Long Emperor was impressed and wrote something for the owner.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
calligraphy by the QiangLong Emperor of China.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
can you see that there are nine lions among the stone?~ I can't...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
the garden is five times the size of the house itself!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
happy mommy with us

After visiting around and having dinner, we went to this street called Guan Qian street to shop. We were only given one hour to do so. What kind of optional tour is this?! #$#$^#&#&@

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You must lookout for those old tradisional shop here. There is this shop called He Shou Ye, selling very nice snacks.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There is also something very funny in our hotel in Suzhou!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
They have condoms and disinfection fluid there!

I have never come across such things in hotel!~ Don't tell me the hotel that we were put in was some sort of dirty place?

Oklar, very tired now as it is already 2am....continue next week! :p If you wanna know whether i have taken legal action against the tour agent, Stay Tuned!

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