22 January 2008

Sick of it!!!!!!!!

Sometimes i really hate my job...the level of stress and the pay we receive, IS IT ALL WORTH IT?

Hate of dealing with those unreasonable and ungrateful ppl!

Why can't they be more considerate?

Helping one of my ex colleague to do his sale and purchase AND also the loan documentation, all F.O.C and he bloody hell doesn't want to pay the late payment charges because he claimed that we delay the matters instead of he himself contributing to the majority part of it! What sort of person is this? Is saving RM10k of legal fees not enough for you to even pay the late penalty of RM300!

How come people can be so ungrateful???

Another case, i acted in accordance with one bank officer's instruction to do something. Then her superior called my boss and complaint that i act without instructions. I was like.......??? what???
She is the one who asked me to do it then now she is trying to push the blame to me...think boss is right that YOUR CLIENT IS ALWAYS YOUR WORST ENEMY!

Pardon me, i just need to let it out so that i can move on again.........

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