12 March 2008

American Idol Top 12

Just finished watching the American Idol Top 12. The theme tonight is song of Lennon & Mc Cartney.

We can see that most of the contestants have stepped up, as i am sure they want to be in the American Top 10 for the American Idol's Live Tour after the contest ended (some extra income for them i suppose).

Among those performances that were really good:-

For the male contestants:

1. Chikezie - I've never though he is THIS good! He really surprised me.Great vocal!He really "worked" the song!

2. David Cook - Quoting Simon " If American Idol results are based on Talent and not Popularity, i think you have won already!"

Unfortunately, all time favourite David Archuleta forgot some of the lyrics and therefore he didn't manage to wow the audience and the judges! Oppsie.. Jason Castro on the other hand, gave a somewhat boring and safe performance although Paula claimed that she can FEEL him (some kind of connection huh?). I thought Michael Johns performance was quite alright too but again it might be too safe and nothing extraordinary about it. Oh, i completely forgotten about David Hernandez's performance, which i think by now you can conclude that it is really SO forgettable. I am predicting that he might be on his way out.

For the female contestants:-

1. Syesha - Her vocal was fantastic and she sang it with full confidence, as usual!

2. Brooke White - She didn't really sing it that well but there is just something in her voice that is very convincing and it touches my heart as well so based on sincerity of her performance, i vote give my vote to her.

3. Carly Smithson - from day one we know this girl can really sing, since she used to be a professional singer (whom her records din get appreciated by many. She totally rock the show tonight! And watching her sing its like watching her concert already (Quoting Paula)

Once my favourite, Ramiele Maluby has kind of lost her sparks. I think she always choose slow love songs and that is becoming very unexciting for her ex-supporter like me. And Kristy Lee Cook, another female contestant, honestly, i can't even recalled what she sang when i am writing this post. I can't remember how she look like even!!! I think she could be at risk next week, unless the american guys love seeing their blonde girl staying around for another week or so. But she never really had her moments in the show. The female rocker, Amanda Overmyer, i don't really fancy her style. She always sing whatever song in only one style, which is ROCK! Her singing is like SCREAMING to me. I seriously do not like her style.

That's it for my report on American Idol Top 12 performances. I can't wait to see whether my predictions are correct!

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