19 March 2008

I can't bear to look at Nuffnang Pajamas Party Post again!

Gosh.........now i really want to bang my head against the wall!

What was i thinking? I went to the Bar Council Annual Dinner instead of the super fun Nuffnang Pajamas party!

BORING event VS SUPER FUN event and i choose to be boring!

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that is why i really can't bear to look those pajamas party related post again!

I regretted, but "its too late to apologise, its too late............."

Anyway, i still wanna wish Nuffnang a very Happy Belated Birthday and i know you enjoyed your first birthday very much WITHOUT ME.......

Maybe as a result of that, i am so heartbroken that I fell sick ......but i am slowly recovering now! :p

I swear that I shall go for the next event!

Now, can I still show you guys the Bar Council Annual Dinner on my next post? PLEASE? hehe

*Happy Holiday tomorrow*


Simon Seow said...

Bar Council dinner can help build your network mah if you're in the law industry.

You did read my post on the Pajama Party right? :P

Im[a]She said...

yah..it looks fun from the pictures i saw..and they get to see uur 12 Malaysian Dreamgirl contestants...

sheryl0202 said...

I KNow! If I was there i would have seen how ugly (opps!) I mean gorgeous they are :p

Im[a]She said...

hahaha..yah..you should see their real look..some of them are really pretty but not that outstanding in pictures, like eyna...i think she gorgeous especially on runway...and some of the are sooo ugly like tooott..

sheryl0202 said...

wahaha..actually when i looked at some of the episodes i wanna comment that some of them really don't have a dressing sense! Its as if they are going to Pasar or something. I think i shall not name her lah.

Im[a]She said...

ohh..for me there's only 1 person that really can't dress up well whom will will not name it here..well, i think she can improve