22 March 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Sexy Lingerie Fotos: Sexy enough for you guys?

Checked out the Woman Secret's lingerie shot for the Malaysian Dreamgirl. Funny that all of them have fantastic bodies but only a few of them can attract my attention as a girl and a consumer wanting to go to Woman Secret's !

All photos are taken from the website.

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I do not feel any sense of Sexy coming out from Adeline. She looked lost and I think I can even see her little tummy sticking out. As they said, Rule No.1 "always tuck in your tummy".

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Cindy oh Cindy, I think she should have closed her mouth. Again judging on the facial expression, I don't think this is a sexy shot of her despite the body looks amazing and all.

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Eyna's body is HOT but her face can be so "dead" or rather "boring" at times. I think she should also look out for her lips as the shape of her lips is like a N shape.

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Fiqa - I can't see her eyes, either because of the lighting or she didn't really try to give facial expression. Can't really see the lingerie as well. Did not achieve what the Merchandiser wants I believe.

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Hanis- I think some of you don't like Hanis but I personally think that Hanis is quite unique. I like this picture because while other girls are trying hard to be Sexy (ie. Nadia), Hanis gave her soft, feminine look in this picture.

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Nadia - She is trying too hard to be SEXY! for me it works the other way round.It looks quite of PORNISH and Cheap instead.

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Ringo - Can't see her eyes but I can clearly see the details of her Lingerie. This one makes me feel like going to Woman Secret's to check out their products. I think Ringo was trying to send out sexy but shy look. It is kind of sweet look for her. I like this photo too.

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Valerie - As you can all SEE, her boobs snatch all the attention away. Can't see the rest of her bodies. Em, ordinary lingerie photo to me. Facial expression wise, its kind of sexy but again I think she should open her eyes more a little bit.

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Jay - I still have the same view. I know she present herself really well but I am still not a fan of hers.Pardon but She does look like a man to me!

Okay, lets look at photos of those girls who no longer in the show.

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Allison and Natasha - their photo did not stand out, their faces are quite "death" to me. No feeling.

Then my favourite: JEAN

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I like her photo! It's the only one which bring sexyness and sporty looks at the same time! However, i can't see her eyes either. Her body looks Amazing and her lips look so kissable (I am not a Lesbian btw)!

So, What do you guys think?! Sexy enough for you guys?

Episode 6 is up! Go watch it guys!

Let you know my comments later! Ciao!

Have a good weekend!


Choo Hwei Ming said...

fuah... nice.. Malaysian Dream girls updates...

Who are you voting for?

sheryl0202 said...

Hi Hwei Ming,

My favourites are Fiqa and Ringo (even though I know she is not tall enough. How about yours?

Simon Seow said...

Too bad Jean pulled out. Alison and Natasha was eliminated due to the dead look maybe.

Send DREAM 11 to 33001.

fAtt said...

I like Fiqa too ! hehe..btw..i wonder does the girls wear wonderbra or is their boobs photoshop to make them look bigger ?

sheryl0202 said...

Fatt: YES I know! Either their bra is really good or the stylists have some special way of enhancing it! From what i remembered the contestants do not have such big boobs. :p

§pinzer said...

sheryl, ringo's one at least is real cause u can see from the video.. oops i am so hamsap HAHA!

man secret said...

ringo makes u wan to purchase the lingerie? lols, u have small boobs like her as well?

sheryl0202 said...

Spinzer : EH? How you know? That's after styling it what?! haha..