20 March 2008

Natasha and Allison out from Malaysia Dreamgirl! Proves that the audience are not blind!

Okay, I just watched Episode 5 of the Malaysia Dreamgirl .

First Elimination for the show: Natasha and Allison OUT, Jean withdrawn from the Show!

In case you don't know how they look like, HERE IT IS. Sorry I have to be so mean but i am also happy that Malaysians are not blind!

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Allison does look like a man! I know she is a very nice person but I just can't see her representing all the gorgeous babe in Malaysia. and can you please don't wear your red scarf again?!

Natasha, I often forget about her. And looking at her picture now, I think she is the most ordinary girl you can find everywhere on the street of KL. No chance she can become a MDG

There are some things i want to say to some of the girls:

Cindy: Can you stop faking that accent! and please stop crying just for the camera!
Nadia: Please try to relax your face, you are a gorgeous babe! SMILE!
Ringo: Congratulations! Sazzy said you have potential to win this even though you are a petite model! You looked super hot!! I wanna see that photo!
Fiqa: I think you need more eye make up, you are unique!
Adeline: Please brush up your english? Opps, no time for that now :p
Hanis: I do think that you are unique too.

and to JEAN- You were my favourite! I like the way you present yourself. All the best to your future endevours. I do understand the reason you quit because i once made that sort of decision too.

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Some suggestions to the Production Team of MDG:

Camera Man- Please shoot the runway walk properly! I can't see their walk clearly if you keep on moving the camera upside down. And stop focusing only on Cindy crying and whining there! Please ensure coverage for every girl.

Er..Producer? - Please let the audience see the result of the lingerie shoot? Then only we understand what Sazzy was talking about?! We have no clue whatsoever unless we can SEE it with our own eyes! You can check out America's Next Top Model (ANTM) where at the end of every episode the audience gets to see the result of the shoot. Okay, just found out that the photos are in the website but that doesn't really help, I think Sazzy should show us the pictures while she comments about it.

Stylist- Can't you see that Ringo's jeans was too long for her? Please be more professional and most importantly, i think it would be better if the girls' line of clothing are similar to each other so that it will be a fair competition.

Editing Team- Come on, I can even hear coughing in the background while Sazzy was talking to the girls before the elimination!

It is really great to see a Malaysia version of ANTM in the making! However, i do think that Malaysia production team still have loads to learn from the US production team. No worries, I will stay tune for every episode and give you my most sincere comment and support!

I am shy to say this but MALAYSIA BOLEH!


Im[a]She said...

yah..my friend also said that alison looks like 'pondan'..kesian her..natasha..yah!!i think ur right about her being so normal looking..

i seriously don't know why is cindy faking her english..maybe because of alison accent..

about nadia, i think she's fake too..did u see her portfolio video where she said she wanted her family to have a better life..duhhh...if ur poor, you wont be studying in Limkokwing... and she doesnt take good direction especially when ppl say that she needs to soften a lil bit..

about ringo's outfit, sad to say, she chose her own outfit..that was what the MC told during the fashion show..

lastly, i really agree with you about equal coverage of each girls..they really waste to much time on cindy's cyring and whining...

Anonymous said...

hey, you can view their photos in photo gallery..jus click on Womens' Secret.

blah said...

hello, the photoshoot pictures are on the MDG website under Gallery, under "Women's Secret".. :) Cheers!

sheryl0202 said...


Cindy is a pretty girl and all but I think she is a bit too beauty queenish to be a model!

Ringo choose her own outfit? Aiyo..but at least the stylist should have helped to pin the jeans up or something?

anonymous and blah:

Thanks for the info. I have looked at it and i have some comments too! Maybe do another post on that later!

Im[a]She said...

i think ur right about the stylist should pin the jeans..but i think she should have chosen a dress coz she looks good in dresses

kimfatt said...

I think they should show more girl fight drama instead of phone calls between the girls and their parents..hahahaha..

sheryl0202 said...

Hi Kim Fatt,

Yes i know! What's the point of having the girls under the roof then?! defeat the purpose now..

Im[a]She said...

hahaha..yah..the phone calls are sooooo boring!!

Ji Yuan said...

dropping by from facebook!

I really think the production really sucks!

I want to see the photos of the photoshoot! how come they never show...then how they expect us to vote? just vote to the person we like and not the one that performed well?

sheryl0202 said...

Ji Yuan: The photos are up on the MDG website. What i was trying to say it would be appropriate for them to show the photo while Sazzy commented on them, would sound more reasonable. hehe