11 March 2008

Triva from 2008 General Election

I am quite shocked at some of the facts!

Please go read it !

because i don't know how long Malaysiakini would allow access to this article.

Apparently, people from Sabah and Sarawak are satisfied with what our Government is doing to their states.

and Teresa Kok(DAP) won 36,492 votes against Carol Chew (BN). Teresa Kok is our heroin in Taman Seputeh!!! We can count on her!

And, yes the Klang Councillor Zakaria passed away this morning. I only have one sentence to say "now you can't enjoy your palace, can you?"

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picture courtesy of NST


Anonymous said...

Istana kata pergi, kubur kata mari. Tapi buat istana jugak. Lesson learnt (esp Opposition MPs and ADUNs): Jangan kumpul harta masa berkuasa, bukan boleh bawak ke kubur pun.

sheryl0202 said...

Dear anonymous,well said! There is same saying in Chinese as well, that you can't bring these properties into your coffin.