14 April 2008

Celine Dion Malaysia Concert 2008- Exclusive Videos!

Went to watch Celine Dion's concert last night. Her voice was really powerful! She never went out of tune at all! I must say that I was impressed with the sound system, maybe they brought their equipment here all the way from Canada or USA?

It wasn't a full house yesterday but tickets for the RM1000 seats were sold out actually. As usual, it is stated on the ticket that no recording equipment is allowed but I managed to sneak in my camera!

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but we waited until 8.45pm because everyone was waiting for the arrival of the Royal Family (SWEAT!) Apparently Tun Mahathir was there, Siti Norhaliza was there and the Deputy PM.

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where I was seated yesterday

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the other side of the stadium

I really enjoyed first half of the concert when she sang many familiar songs. Enjoy the videos before they are taken down by youtube! Pardon me because my camera is v old already , so not very clear, sound wise still alright. However, she sang many new songs at the second half of the concert, can see that not much response from the audience as well.

The Power of Love- Part 1

The Power of Love - Part 2

Because you love me

And I really love this song of hers, To Love You More.Very romantic and touching!

New song: Taking Chances

Unfortunately, Celine Dion has only changed once at the end of the show during the Encore! Oh my god, what's with her wardrobe budget? I mean of course her voice is superb but afterall this is still a concert, if people wants to only listen to your voice, they can always listen to the CD or watch the DVD, people are there to LOOK at you! All and all, I am not very happy with the fact that she did not manage to surprise us with nice outfits.

For encore part, she sang her most famous songs of all time: MY HEART WILL GO ON

Finally she changed to a more elegant gown.

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yipguseng said...

i like her also, but din go to her concert bcoz...exp ar!! T_T

sheryl0202 said...

yipguseng: I know! I wouldn't go if not for the free ticket! If you want to see more videos , let me know! I didn't upload all the videos I took!

runwitme said...

Great pic & vids. I also have some in my blog albeit I was sitting farther away compared to you. :)

~YM~ said...

jz googled and found ur post! thnx for the videos! actually there's problem for her to change cos Malaysia very strict with tutup aurat.. I heard she was rather unhappy with the rules herself cos she basically even hav to wear tudung if Malaysia gov got their way.

But of cos, the one who's angriest wud be the Agong for being boo-ed and jeered by the people esp when he was late..keke.. I heard bout that from a fren who was there too. n_n