23 May 2008

Greetings from Siem Reap, Cambodia!!!

Hie all, I am at Siem Reap now. Spent two days in Phomn Pehn.

The bus ride from Phomn Pehn to Siem Reap was VERY SCARY!!! We were put on the public coach. Can you imagine the whole bus is full of Cambodian and only two of us as the only foreigners? Those teenagers on the bus was real noisy and the six hours ride to me seems like 12 hours!And those rest stop...SIGH..Upon arrival at the Siem Reap bus station, we were surrounded by more than 6 tuk tuk drivers,lpestering us to take their tuk tuk while in fact we we are supposed to wait for our local tour guide!

Sigh, I am actually kind of depress now and I don't even know why?
Could it be the killing field yesterday or the bus ride today? Or I am just depress to see the living condition of the general public here in Cambodia! Well it could be the fact that I am losing touch with the outside world without internet access!

I wanna say I am really grateful that I am born in Malaysia, where the living standard is much higher! Now I appreciate my country much more!

Anyway, I am going to Angkor Wat tomorrow, which is the whole purpose of this entire trip!

Hopefully all is worth it!!!


Your Humble Servant said...

I also wanna go Cambodia... Go anywhere also can because it can broaden our views...


sheryl0202 said...

your humble servant: Yeah that's why I love traveling. you never know what is happening at the other corner of the world if you always stay in your comfort zone.