29 June 2008

My adventure from Phnom Pehn to Siem Reap!

We had to take a public express coach to Siem Reap because there were only two of us in the tour. It was a scary experience really!

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their most luxurious coach to Siem Reap

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inside the coach which looks like this- bear in mind that we have to sit for 6 hours to reach Siem Reap!

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worst of all, the whole bus is full of Cambodian teenagers, who were very rude and inconsiderate!They were singing and talking loudly throughout the journey!

view along the way

And the rest stop.......EEE.....
Actually the rest stop itself is bearable..but I dare not eat anything there because there were so many flies!

The worst part is THIS!
Gosh, and there were constantly flies on top of it! You can't even tell which is which, i SWeaR!

Er.. I was quite disgusted by this! I know nicolekiss and ky is quite a fan of all these, but Sorry mate! I am not going to risk my tummy!

And the worst part is that, upon arriving at the Siem Reap bus station, we were surrounded by so many Cambodians tuk tuk drivers ( at least 5 persons around me) pestering us to take their tuk tuk. No matter how many times you told them that you are waiting for your guide to arrive, they would still stand beside you and ask and ask!!! We were so irritated by them that we actually have to hide inside the guard house at the Bus Station. There were a policeman there and GUESS WHAT?!!!

The Policeman also ask us whether we need any transport!!! FAINT! I am thinking: Bloody Hell! The police there also want to make money is it! Come on, he already know that we are waiting for our guide and we even had to escape inside the guardhouse to avoid those drivers, why did he ask again, thinking that we will give him a different answer simply because he is a police? No way man!

That was the end of my adventure in Cambodia........I need to continue with Angkor Wat on the next post!!!


Daryl Teo said...

Hey! really nice blog with lots of great pics! like the ones especially with the creepy crawlies! Think they'll wash down nicely with a cola! LOL! Cheers!

joshuaongys said...

lolx the police there... hahahahahaha maybe they're just being friendly leh.. lolx

KOKahKOK said...

police there makan duit eh...

i sat the same bus but is from SR to PP......very dusty and the toilet very dirty looo hor?