13 September 2008

Bangkok Trip Aug 08- Accommodation

Hello All!! Sorry for the lack of update as I lost my momentum for blogging for the past week!

Good news is that I have joined California Fitness last week and started going to dance class, yoga class etc. The beginning of a healthy lifestyle for me!All thanks to my gym buddy Saw Hooi! I hope we can keep each other motivated for the coming 2 years!

Ok, back to the topic for today! YAY I am finally going to blog about my amazing Bangkok trip with my lil sis and my lovely parents. We laughed so much during the trip, eat so much and shop damn a lot also! THIS IS THE WAY TO LIVE, and THIS IS HAPPINESS TO ME! The feeling of being with family is so great, except that elder sis and bro are unable to come! Therefore, I really look forward to my coming trip during Chinese New YEar next year, the whole family will be going somewhere in Europe for holiday, or if not we shall all stay in London!

First, my hotel @ Bangkok, the Century Park Hotel. We found this hotel from Asiarooms.com. We have enjoyed our stay there and it costs us around RM250 per night.

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The Century Park Hotel situated 10mins away by taxi from City Centre

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Classy Hotel Lobby

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more picture of the lobby

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the room, their bed is the type that I like, not too soft nor too hard, just the right bed for me!

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clean bath tub, no stains!

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there is shower too! It's a huge bathroom

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nice view from our room, sorry I never got to find out what place exactly is this!

One bad thing about this hotel is the toilet flush. It is quite loud and you can literally hear your neighbour flushing their toilet! I am fortunate that our neigbour did not go to toilet very often in the middle of the night. Well, it could also be that I am always exhausted everyday from shopping therefore I can't hear anything at all! Usually I fall asleep 5 seconds after I lie down! wahaha...The skytrain station is 10mins walk from the hotel but we did not take any skytrain while we were there as taxi is very cheap to city centre, costs us around RM6-8 and there were four of us so we felt that taking taxi is the most comfortable and economical way to travel!

Overall, I would recommend this place for families or couples, not for budget traveller as the price is slightly above average. I enjoyed my stay at the hotel and No this is not an advertorial that they paid me to write for them!

I just want my friends to have more choice when it comes to picking a hotel in Bangkok. I know it can be a headache to choose from thousands of hotel because I had that!
Enjoy your weekend people! Next up FOOD!!! Not just ordinary food but YUMMY Thai food!


Sheik sheik said...

Awww....jiee i really misssss our holidays at Bkk! misss being so extremely siaooo everyday hhhaaahahaah >.< hey mind you sis, i was the one who found this hotel!!! *thumbs upppp* XP

Falcon said...

wow..you go on a lot of holidays ah??nice...

Simon Seow said...

Bangkok. Never been there before. Sigh, too many debts to settle before I can go to a trip lol.

sheryl0202 said...

sheik: look forward to our holiday in January 09!

falcon: eh..quite a bit lah..haha travel freak I am!

Simon: em..BK is not too expensive actually! Gambatte!