20 January 2009

Simple Minded People Are Happy People

Don't you think so?

Over the weekend I was in Batu Pahat (BP). Went to a saloon in Summit to perm and colour my hair. At first, I was in a quiet mood as I was tired from travelling from Singapore to BP. Sat down, read magazine, wait for my turn to shampoo, after shampoo, back to reading magazine. Suddenly a very young girl sat down beside me. She is an assistant in the Saloon. Still I continue to read my magazine, knowing that she might wanna chat with me. Don't blame me because as I said, I was in a quiet, or rather, tired mood. Out of sudden, she started talking " Why you ignore me???" True enough, she really wanted to speak to me. She told me she is afaid that I am bored, so she decided to come and chit chat with me. I started to feel bad and although I was quite tired, I begun talking to her.

Turned out that she is a really nice and genuine girl. SEriously, her sincerity touched me in a way. You don't find this kind of sincerity in those saloon in KL and Singapore. We talked about everything under the sun. This girl is only 15yrs old and she stopped studying. I know that nowadays its very common to quit studying in BP and get married (usually because of shot-gun marriage!).
Me: Why you don't want to study?
Girl: I don't have interests in studying.
Me: What did your parents say about this?
Girl: My mom is the one who encourage me to stop studying

WAT! why would parents encourage their kids to stop studying? I WONDER. However, through our conversation later, I realised that the girl is actually very happy with her life now. She likes her job and she also put in effort into developing her skils in hairstyling. She loves her colleagues and basically I can see that she is very happy with her current life. Some may say she will regret it in the future but to certain people, future is just too far away. As of now, she made a correct decision.

Then I thought about my own situation. Yes I am highly educated but am I truly happy with my life? Not necessarily so. My mom was saying,"If we did not move to KL and we did not study that much, maybe we would have been happily married and well settled in BP already." That is a statement that bothers me for a while. I know my mom's reason for saying this. She just want to see my sister and I settle down. Does it mean that the more knowledge you gained, the more things you would think about before making a decision? Truth is yes, I have to consider so much when making decisions and sometimes I wasn't even happy with the decision that I've made after careaful considerations.

Then why the * I think so much before making decisions?

sigh... so ya.....Simple minded People Are Happy People!

or is it because I don't see their worries? Enlighten me!

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