03 March 2010

My Sister's Big Day 06-02-10 – Morning Session

Finally! My eldest sis is MARRIED hehe….

She is soo lucky to find the MAN of her life and her happiness was truely shown throughout the wedding day.

IMG_3587 IMG_3588

Decorations at our house before the wedding day!


The couple’s pre wedding album taken in Bali



getting her hair and make up done! This is crucial to every bride and choosing a good make up artist is a MUST. Behind the bride is my bro, who was in charge of opening the car door when the groom arrives!

Meanwhile, the Jie Meis are hard at work in the kitchen!!! On the right is bitter gout with wasabi and chili padi as the xiong di’s appetizer!!!


Good Stuff for the Xiong Di!HE HE HE….


Work in progress! Love the hairstyle, so elegant and femine!

IMG_3613 IMG_3611

Everyone is so EXCITED! Check out ah our grandma’s happy face..


AND the bride is ready! Picture shows my sis's friend helping her to wear her Mikimoto pearl necklace, a gift from us siblings to her.


One of the most important moment – Dad covering sis with her veil!

soon enough, TIME TO MEET THE XIONG DIs!!!


Game No.1 – passing of serviettes with letters on it to the groom to make up the sentence!Their saliva made the serviettes turned wet…EWWWWWWWW

Game No. 2 – look for keys of our main entrance through the flour inside the tray, NO HANDS ALLOWED..!EASY RIGHT..


The groom has such an easy job! Lucky for him that he has all his xiong di helping him out!


Game No. 3 – I LOVE YOU in ten languages!Xiong Di is helping the groom out!

Due to constraint of time, we can only have these three games. Very mild but no choice, I think my sister also want to see her groom faster as well haha!




KISS of a lifetime! AW…..


The couple then proceeded to pray followed by tea ceremony. No pictures of tea ceremony because we have amazing photographer Adam Ong shooting it!I will upload the photos once he is done with editing it!


To be continued……

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mello said...

congratulations to your sister! :D :D Pretty photographs