20 August 2006

Graduation Day in UM

It was one of my highschool friend's graduation day two weeks ago. A bunch of us old friends went to UM to take pics with her and to congrats her on her achievement! We had so much fun together. Lots of memories came back to me after that gathering! Thought about how we used to spend time together in school, tuition, or go makan after tuition. Life was simple , we were simple then. Things got complicated when you start working. U don't know who you can trust but when i am with my high school friends, i feel that i can totally be myself and live at the moment! Come often ah Bee, we love to have you around..but..maybe not so often lah k wahaha...Wait for us to go visit you in Spore...!

Yi lein, Me , Ah Bee and WC

Us with the graduate, ah Teo

Us again, Ah Bee love taking photos, so we just have to entertaint her :p..haha actually i love taking pics too!

Us having dinner at Kelana Jaya Seafood Centre

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Karan said...

harlow...my dear friend, i'm always the catalyst to spice up everybody's weekend. should be thankful to have a friend like me....haha! *just kidding*

well, i am glad to have all of you in Msia, my good old friends. my trips to KL have never been tiring or boring, rather it's always exciting and fun. my 5 hrs journey is always full of anticipations, making my time spent worthwhile. however, journey back to Sg is always sad and lonely as everyone has to go back to own position and continue striving for own future. nonetheless, this in turn is the begining for another anticipation for our next meet up!

sometimes, i wonder how our lives would be if we were to live together within the same city or under one roof. things could be different... we might not appreciate much the time spent together as we are so near to each other, or, our friendships bond might be even much stronger- which could result in all of us remain singles forever when we are just contented with each other companies. hahaha!!!

come to think about it, our friendships are at least a decade old. how many ppl in this world who has the luxurious of having big bunches of great-old friends like us? we've spent more than a decade with each other and we shall continue for another half a century (if we ever make it there...hahaha!)

lastly, thanks for those moments. i truly appreciate them... thanks for fulfiling my desire and made it to genting with me. hehe! i shall look forward to our next meet up. will definitely be another great moment in our lives. cheers!

Rainy said...

hey, really envy u guys can meet up so often..when i go back end of the year, i will kacau u guys too.
Dun reject me wor..hehe