18 August 2006

He's just Not th@t Into You

I read this book recently. This book is definitely worth a read for us girls!We ought to be doing a reality check on ourselves, whether we are really wasting our precious time on the right person?

Do you feel that it's so normal to hear stories from your girlfriends that they think they have met some nice guy, they hit off pretty well, they exchange phone numbers, but its always the end of the story. These guys kept us pondering for some days, wondering if we have said something wrong along the way or we have actually scared them away .Most of the time we even help them out by coming out with certain excuses for them i.e. they are too busy with work, they lost our phone numbers etc. Come on girls! It's all RUBBISH, according to the author of this book!

It's all because He's Just Not that Into You!!!Some tips to share:

1. He is just not that into you if he is not asking you out

The author thinks that if the guy likes you, he will you out. The truth is men find it very satisfying to get what they want!If you think that this is telling you to sit around and wait for the guy to ask you out , No...what the author is saying is just reminding us not to waste our time on unnecessary man! We women can be more powerful and take charge of our love life...

2. He is just not that into you if he is not calling you

If a guy is into you, you will never see you staring maniacally at your phone,willing it to ring,you will never be ruining your evening with girls night out by checking your phone once in every 15mins!

3. He is just not that into you if he is not dating you

Guys tell you how they feel even if you refuse to listen to them. When they say that they do not want to be involved in a serious relationship, they truly mean it! Don't be in a situation where you are SORT OF dating someone..

4. He is just not that into you if he is cheating on you

Whatever problem that you are having with your relationship doesn't merit him to cheat on you!Don't ask him what you did wrong, don't share the blame. Cheating don't just happen by accident!

5. He is just not that into you if he doesn't want to marry you

The man whom you are dating saying that he doesn't want to get married, or he doesn't believe in marriage, he is simply saying that he doesn't want to get married TO YOU. Stop listening to all those excuses

6.He is just not that into you if he is breaking up with you

If a guy has decided to break up with you, don't do anything anymore! Cut him off and if he has said it out of anger or anything, let him miss you and try to win you back!

If you girls are interested the book is by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, writer and consultant of Sex and the City. I think i have benefited a lot by reading this book, i realised that we deserve better treatment from guys who are really serious about us! Come on girls, let's not waste our precious time on some crappy, undeserving relationship!

Life is too beautiful to be missed...

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