13 August 2006

Japanese Buffet Lunch @t Zipangu Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

On Saturday i went to Shangri-La Japanese buffet lunch with one of my very close legal aid friends. Her name is Carol. It was indeed a very nice lunch. We were there from 11.30am til around 2.30pm, exactly from the starting of the buffet til the end of it! We were slowly appreciating the food and happily chatting at the same time. Here's some of the food offered there:

favourite Sashimi!According to my Auntie, not many jap buffet offers this clam sashimi (the red colour one) as they are really expensive!

Oysters , prawn and scallop...All very Fresh!!!

The cooked food. cod fish, unagi, fish in mayonese sauce and mussels in garlic sauce. The cod fish was great, very lightly cooked with soy sauce.

The Desserts: redbean cake, wasabi chocolate mouse tart, mochi and coconut strawberry cheesecake! I adores the cheescake, very yummy!

Thanks to my auntie for lending me her card. Her card got us a 50% discount, so we ended up paying only RM50 for such a great meal! There are many more type of food offered there but i was already too busy eating to take anymore pics :p
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