11 August 2006

Which Baby Are U???
My friend sent me an e-mail recently with details of characteristics of people born in different months of the year. I looked at mine, being a February baby and i was amazed of how accurate some of the characteristics are the same as mine.
  • Loves reality and abstract -I think i am constantly in a dilemma, or put it more accurately, i am always in the process of knowing myself better. Yes, to a certain extent i am always being realistic about life in general but of course everyone must have dreams of their own that you would like to think that you are able to achieve in some day,isn't it? Those who knows me well, would know what has always been my dream...
  • Intelligent and clever -haha would i want to deny this? No way...I won't say that i am a genius but i do think that i am quite smart haha...looking at the fact that i hardly study in the university and i managed to graduate with quite a good degree! ok ok fine..stop showing me faces ;p
  • Changing personality -I think this is also quite true for me. Some days you can find me very friendly and approachable, talking to you non-stop and laughing happily, but some days i am just quiet and don't even want to entertaint anyone. Of course i am not referring to 'those' days lah haha..
  • Attractive -Don't think i should comment on this one...i shall leave it to you guys!
  • Quiet, shy and humble - Sometimes i am quiet, and usually i am quiet because i am not comfortable with the people around me. I don't think i am shy unless i am in front of the guy i like. I am quite humble..won't say i am very humble as i do like compliments!
  • Honest And loyal -I think i am definitely honest. When i was in secondary school i am was normally asked to be the treasurer of societies and clubs, maybe because of my innocent face? I believe in karma, you will have to give back whatever you took from others one day, just depending on the timing only. Loyal, i am definitely a loyal friend, i always trust my friends very much, therefore throughout my childhood i sometimes get hurt and betrayed by my friends
  • Determined to reach goals- i think this is one quality that lacks in me. To be serious i think i can count how many times in my life i am determined to do something. I am always taking short cuts; basically i will always choose a path that is easier and faster to reach the desired destinations. Actually i understand that this is really not good, as you miss out a lot of things on the way. Maybe the truth is i have never desire something that much in my life that it is worth me fighting for it! Thanks to my family, i have most of the things in my life and somehow i feel that i shouldn't be too greedy, i feel that if you are easily contented, you will be happy with your life..
  • Too sensitive and easily hurt -Call me petty or what not, but i do expect people around me to know how i am like and not to hurt me...I am actually easily hurt, even though i always pretend that i don't care about it..I am really not good at showing my deep emotions...and sometimes i regret because i hide it from the person that i want him/her to know the most, in the end i have to pay for the price...
  • Loves making friends but rarely shows it- I Love making friends! but people always have the impression that i am too proud or cocky to be approached...i wonder why? those friends who knows me afterwards found out that i am totally not like that!
  • Daring and stubborn - Yes i am stubborn. Actually people who are stubborn always have to pay for the price of being stubborn. I like things done certain ways but of course i don't like forcing people. That's why sometimes i am angry, angry with myself because i can't get what i want and yet i don't want to resort to using other alternatives to get what i want. COMPLICATED rite...
  • Loves entertainment and leisure -I am sure everyone loves this! unless he/she is a WORKAHOLIC!!!
  • Romantic on the inside not outside -Once again this relates to my disability of showing my emotions..my ex always complaint about this last time...but maybe my way of loving him is simply different from the way he loves me...i think sometimes we just need to accept each other as they already are...
  • Tries to learn to show emotions - See??? It's hard being a February baby!!! All my life i will probably be a member of this LEARN TO SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS club....

If you guys wanna know about your characteristics, tell me by putting your comments in my blog, i will post it up later!

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