05 August 2006

KL Bar Young Lawyers - Visit to UKM

This morning i joined the KL Young Lawyer's Committee 's visit to UKM. Honestly speaking, i haven't been to any of Malaysia's local university. Of course this is not the main reason i join the visit. I wanted to help out the law students and share with them my experience so far in this profession. We all gathered at Sg. Besi Toll at around 10am, there were 11 of us and by the time we got to UKM, Bangi, its already around 10.20am. Think we are supposed to be there at 10am, but the Dean of the Law Faculty and the other professors were still very kind despite us being late.

When we walked into the Lecture Hall, we were quite surprised to find that there are more chinese students than the malay students. We were actually expecting a main malay students crowd. So the Dean proceeded to give a speech to the students, then our KL Bar Young Lawyers Chairman, Richard Wee gave a speech as well. Thereafter, the students were divided into 11 groups as there were 11 of us. We are supposed to lead the group and share with them our experience in the profession.

I was given a group of around 12 students. At first i was a bit worry about the students being quiet and there will be some silences in between. Later on i actually joined my group with another group of students, of course with another lawyer in leading the other group. I was planning to share with them my chambering experience. So the lawyer went on to talk to them about the profession itself. She has been in the practice for around three years already so she had more things than me to tell the students. However,i contributed here and there as well when she couldn't think of the things to say. I told them the factors to consider when you are choosing which firm to chamber with.

The students were generally quite shy about asking questions. One of them is concerned about some firm's preference of oversea graduates than the local graduates. We advised them that there are also firms which prefer local graduates than the oversea graduates for obvious reason that they do have an advantage over us as they learned all about the Malaysian law while doing their degree in the local university. The problem for them is that they don't realised this advantage as they are too concerned with the fact that they are local graduates. The other lawyer was being very encouraging, telling them that the most important factor is to show their personality and their attitude, to prove to the firm that their general perception of local graduates is wrong. Actually i think that i am being lucky because i get to pursue my studies oversea because it does change my personality in away, having seen the world outside Malaysia. Our session lasted for around one and a half hour.

The students were very grateful about us going over to give them this session. They thanked us for don't know how many times. The Dean and the professors were very friendly as well. The campus is actually quite nice, with lots of trees, feels like a real campus. However the problem is that the area is quite remote. The students were telling us that it can get quite scary at night and how quiet it will be during weekend.

I think this is a very good experience for us too.Everyone walked away from UKM, feeling that we have spent our weekend in a meaningful way. I feel that i have benefited from the lawyer's kind words of encouragement and her advice about the attitude we should have, having entered this profession.The rest of the committee members were very friendly and fun to be with too. Their next university to visit would be the International Islamic University. I would be glad to join them with i have nothing particularly important on that day. Looking forward to next outing with the KL Young Lawyers Committee. U GUYZ ROCKS!

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