02 October 2006

Decision Made; No Turning Back

I have just made one of the toughest decision in my life. Somehow i am kind of glad that i have managed to decide finally because it has been troubling me since i stopped working in Wong&Partners.Yes, i have made decision as to my next destination, my next law firm! i have chosen Shook Lin n Bok as my next destination.

I thank everyone who has advised me throughout my decision making process. It is indeed a very tough process. At times i try to escape the process by just watching korean/hk drama non stop. But still..the day has come...My offer from Shook Lin actually expires today...if i don't accept it, it will be gone. I have consulted Gary, and Gary's view is that Shook Lin has a good corporate team and i will definitely learn a lot from there.

Then..some might ask..what has happen to my SIA air stewardress dream??? When i think about this, part of me actually feel sad. I feel sad because i am not brave enough to pursue my dream, i am afraid of leaving this comfortable environment and the risks involved ie i might not like being an air stewardress. However, now i can proudly tell myself that i have actually been to the interview and i am one step away from becoming one.

I need to put that behind me because i have to move on. I will have to give practising one more chance, that's why i need put that part of me behind, or lock it deep inside my heart. I hope this firm doesn't dissapoint me and it will be a satisfying experience. Overall, i think i have made the best decision for myself, this time i followed my mind and not my heart. I tell myself i shall work hard for the next three years and then try to fulfil my passion of travelling.

Wish me luck my dear friends...! You will still see me around unfortunately hehe....

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Rainy said...

dear ching,

glad ur mind is set! i'm sure u can do well in Shook Lin! Good Luck, dear !:)