01 October 2006

R@ndom Post:

Hooray, am watching Michael Wong concert later!

Got free VIP tickets from my relatives....will take pictures and share with you guys !

How's everyone doing...

For me..i have an important decision to make...would you guys follow your heart or follow what's right in everyone's mind? Let me know!!! Might help me in making this decision...Would you pursue your passion in life regardless of what others think of you?

Rainy, where are you? Miss you here! Holiday until forget about us? :P

catch you guys later......

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Rainy said...

Hey dear,

i'm still alive here.back from holidays already.skin become very dark wor..(sob sob)..
internet at home not working,so seldome online lately..:(

i'm sure everyone will like to follow their hearts to do things..
me as well. The problem is can u stand or handle the stress of other ppl making comment on you?
if u can, then congratulations, u can do watever u want and be happy.
many people success like that.

however,most ppl cannot handle that.they cannot stand to be different from other people, and the safe way is to follow wat most people say and do.

so, u have to ask urself first. wat kind of people are u? can u accept it when most people won understand ur decision and start comment on u? when u make ur decision, will u be regret when the outcome is not exactly wat u want? can u hold ur position?

the only thing i can say is do watever that u think is rite for u.
thats wat i think lar.hehe.. dun know will help o not.

good luck in making decision.
i wanna see michael concert oso!!!!

p/s: i alwis miss u guys too.how can i forget 10 year relationship wif u guys:)