17 October 2006

A Levels Coursemates Gathering

Last sunday i met up with my A Levels coursemates. As i haven't seen some of them since we completed A Levels, i was pretty excited and wonder if everyone has changed. The gathering was fixed at 6pm Itallinese, the Curve.
Before i go out, it was raining heavily and for those who stay in kl will know what it means = traffic Jam! However, i was thinking that since we haven't seen each other for so long, i will go regardless of the weather and the traffic condition. The traffic wasn't too bad and i managed to arrive at The Curve at around 6.10pm. So there i was, sitting alone in the restaurant, waiting for the others to arrive. However, the second person only came around 6.30pm. Haiz..am i the only one who was nervous about the gathering?

Initially there were 16 of us...then some cancelled last minute and then we booked the table for 11pax. But in the end there was only 7 of us. Actually 6 only because one guy just dropped by for a while. Too Much lar these people! One of the coursemates even forgotten that the gathering is fixed for today. I am so speechless. Anyway we decided to continue our gathering without the presence of those people.
By the end of the night, i never regreted going to the gathering even though there were only 7 of us. I enjoyed myself and glad that i was there.

some pictures from the gathering:
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Formaggio was good...but not the pizza..
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Group photo

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this is what happen when you have two cameras in front of u..
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Crazy KY..

We have decided to make the gathering once in every two months...I was happy that we met again after so long...I will look forward to the next gathering.. :P

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