21 October 2006

Singapore Trip Oct 06
Hi all, yes i am currently blogging from Singapore. Got here yesterday afternoon..Journey here was smooth as i left kl early morning!Plan it in such a way to avoid the terrible traffic jam. Don't think i will have the patience of being stucked in the traffic jam! :P
Was waiting for my friend to come and pick me up but suddenly got her call and said that there was this bus that just banged her car! Gosh...just when she was leaving the house to come and pick me up! What a start for my vacation! haha..actually its not really a vacation lah..just come to singapore and visit Lynn and the rest. Lynn was my flatmate of two years in Manchester. We used to have so much fun together staying in the same flat. She has been there through the ups and downs of my uni life.
Yesterday we went around the town taking pictures ahaha..yeah..went Fullerton Hotel, Esplanade, Parliament House, Victoria Opera House etc...Today we went to Bugis Junction, Marina Square, Raffles City for shopping. Then we went to the Chjames for dinner as recommended by my friend. Finally we went to Boat Quay for a drink, was sitting at the Irish pub...so many ang mos there..
Will post up the photos when i come back....tired..gotta sleep..recharge for tomorrow!

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