14 November 2006

Luna Bar

My baby sis has always wanted to go to Luna Bar, but i always tell her that she can't go as she is not 18 yet although technically she is 18 ( u see, problem is that her birthday is on 27 Dec!) So whenever she ask me to bring her i will tell her that she is not allowed to go :P He He He..Not because i don't want to but i seriously don't want see her going into the lockup! Anyway finally last thurs four of us siblings went to Luna Bar together!

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Bro and i
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Baby sis and i

No doubt the scenery there is nice, but the service and drinks wasn't impressive. It was slow and the drinks is full with alcohol! Some of you might think that its good because you are getting your money's worth, but what's the point of ordering a cocktail when everything inside wasn't in their proper proportion? Hello.. We want Quality and not Quantity ok!!! haha.. :P
As some of you might have noticed, there's no picture of my eldest sis, as i am prohibited from putting her picture in my blog! (However you guys can find her picture from my call day post !) Sshh..better not let her see this! La la la...

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