10 November 2006

Hi everyone, a quick update from me.
As mentioned earlier, my bro is back from UK so tomorrow we are going to Pangkor Island! Never been there before but hope its nice! Even if it might not be nice, i think it would still be fine with us as we are only staying there for one night and we will enjoy yourselves regardless as the whole family haven't been together since CNY this year.
As for my work, at first i was looking forward to this trip but last min i was informed by my boss that he needs two agreement to be done by Monday! The client has called him today and asked for the agreement! Gosh..me and Maddy, two juniors who have never done such an agreement before! How can we survive this?!!!
Anyway i don't really wanna think about it now...i just wanna focus on my trip tomorrow. I believe everything will fall into the right place on Monday! haha..naive right...but i can't do anything now, i am dead tired ( Luna Bar last night :P) and i don't wanna bring my work to Pangkor (the time belongs to my family :P) so.......THAT'S It!
Update again when i am back...CIAO~lalala...dream about the sandy beach and the blue blue sky tonight..

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