06 November 2006

Back to Working Life~!

It's my first day of work today! yeah after chilling out for almost two months, it's time to face the reality again...sigh...anyway i was getting a bit bored of my doing-nothing-life! haahaa..

This morning i went to the office super early, well you know it's not too good to be late on your first day of work right? Then only i thought about the fact that the firm might not be open so early.. So there i was sitting alone in The Weld..waiting for the time to pass...tik..dok..tik..dok..

Finally it's 8.25am! Started to walk towards my new office! My new office is situated at Menara Am Bank, Jalan Raja Chulan. Anyone around that area can call me out for lunch ya..

After the brief meeting(one hour briefing) with my boss, i got to know that i am actually under his team. He is the one who interviewed me, actually i was pretty impressed by him after the interview and i do think that he is a wise man. He might be traditional in thinking and naggy (opps, he must not see this!) but he is really willing to teach. Having said that, i haven't gotten any work from him yet as i really need time to digest a lot of admin information~~!

There are four person under my team. My boss himself, Me,another girl Mag (also fresh entry) and a girl with 3 years experience in corporate. Then i was thinking,' Is my boss sure that he wants two junior lawyers to be under him?! We hope we won't be the one who contributes to his blood pressure *faint* ) So far Mag has been really helpful and we seems to click very well..think she is as playful and notti as me :P

Despite not having a room yet and no internet connection for first year lawyers, i do feel that people there are quite warmth and friendly. Well, let's see how it goes! Btw, my brother is back from the UK and i am so happy! We are all going to Pangkor Island this Saturday..something to look forward to..HOORAY~!@

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tsc020282 said...

Juz stumbled across your blog and i have to say its one of the worse blogs i've seen. I guess U fail at web design. Doesn't matter, here's some pointers.

1. Your font size is too freaking large. Maybe U're viewing with higher resolution which explains the large fonts. Standard resolution is 1024x768.
2. Large fonts=long scrolling.
3. Its a pain in the eyes having reading large fonts and endless scrolling.
4. Scroll too long, people get lost what you're trying to write.

sheryl0202 said...

First of all, thanks so much for your KIND comment.If you are so keen on helping me by giving me constructive criticism then i SUPPOSED i should thank you?

My response to you:

1. My blog is meant for my family and friends(if u dun understand,meaning not for random people).
2. If you are not one of my friends or family ( which i am pretty sure you aren't)you are feel free to go n read other blogs to prevent your eyes from suffering. Unfornately if you are, i will be disappointed because i don't think my friend would ever discourage me from writing my blog by using those words you have used.
3. Why don't u let me know who you are and if you have a blog, go ahead and show us how GREAT is your blog.However rest assured that i will most probably not be interested in whatever's there!

Having said that, i will look into your suggestion of changing the font in my blog.


Rainy said...

Haha...thats interesting..yaya, mayb he/she please show us ur blog so that we can look at how good u are and how bad my fren,sheryl's blog is..

hey,dear, congratulations that u finally left the lifes of everyday nothing to do and wait to eat at home..hahaha:) hope everything will be smooth for u in ur new company!