03 November 2006

Shouldn't relationship be based on TRUST?
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hahaha..Apparently NOT if you require your boyfriend to sign something before he goes out with his mates~ *faint*..read the form carefully...its so FUNNY!!! attempting to breed like a (drunken) rabbit? why rabbit? RED EYES?

But then again..some guys just can't be trusted! :P


Rainy said...

Its so funny..hahaha
i think i will make a form for the girls as well..
the rules and regulations may include:
a) not wearing a low-cut dress
b) not suppose to seduce any guy
in a pub....etc

u know lar, girl are alwis so attractive. i think their boyfren have to worry as well, dun they? wuhahaha:)

Yu Jin said...

rabbits u knoe... rabbits! the great wall of china was build by the emperor nasi goreng to keep the rabbits out