30 September 2007

Recent Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Recently my sis went to UK to further her studies and my parents went with her. After my mom got back from the UK trip last week,she hasn't been able to sleep at all. Everyday she is telling me that she is tired but she can't sleep. She said that she isn't thinking of anything or worrying about my sister because my sis already got used to her uni life in UK. My mom has therefore becoming a bit depress and she don't have much appetite either. This is really worrying because how can one not sleep at all? I am not sure what is the cause of all this, some might say it should be jet lag, and if it is jet lag, i hope that it will all be over soon because she has been back for one whole week!
I am so worry about my mom...and i am becoming a bit depress as well.

However, i know that i must stay strong to look after her!

I pray hard that mom will be able to recover soon!!!

Sweet dream mommy!

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Cheng Woon said...

Hopefully, your mum will recover soon. Best wishes for your sis, your mum and your family.