23 September 2007

The March of Justice

I am sure by now everyone has heard about the judiciary "appointment fixing" scandal. You can read about it and watch the video itself on the Malaysian Bar Council website.

The Bar Council is now calling for all the lawyers to march from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister's Office on next wed to deliver a memorandum to the PM following the controversial video of the conversation between Senior Lawyer V.K Lingam and the current CJ Ahmad Fairuz.

How do i feel about this whole scandal?

Actually i think corruption is such a common scene in Malaysia. It happens everyday on the street in Malaysia. However, because this video involves a Senior Lawyer and the Current CJ only it has become such a serious matter.
To be honest, i always think that this is how to world works, everything is depending on how much money you have or who you are close to. Of course, we lawyers are so furious about this because what does this kind of scandal do to our justice system? Can we rely on the judges hearing the cases to decide based on the merits rather than connections? Does it all mean that we have to be somebody to win a case? That should not be the way!!!

I am not sure if i would be going to the march itself but i certainly hope that we lawyers can do our part to change the justice system because we are indeed in a position to voice out our frustrations to the Government so as to fulfil our obligation to the society!

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