19 September 2007


have been so busy at work....
i think i have jinx it by telling Shan and Hsian on Sunday night over dinner that i always manage to go home b4 7pm!!! then this week i have been going home at 10pm everyday ~~~ :(

anyway two weekends ago i met up with Constance, my chambering mate at WongP last time. She is still as angelic as ever. She will be working in New York and i wish her all the best!!!

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Yesterday called my baby sis to see how she is doing in Manchester. She sounded okay but when she told me that she feel like coming home, my heart softens and nearly cried! I think we all are missing her dearly because she is our baby sis!!! Nevermind, i just have to tell myself that Dec is coming soon and we shall be seeing her again!
Something has happened at work too. Due to my carelessness, i might have offended one of my boss's client. I swear that i will check up things carefully before letting the people signing it. I felt really bad because my boss might need to apologised to the client if the client does complain about it.... FINGERS CROSSED!!! I think this is really one good lesson to be learnt! I really dare not be careless again........

Sigh for now i just can't wait to go to ShangHai in October for family vacation!!!

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