28 February 2008

General Election 2008

so angry with myself that i can't even do my part as a Malaysian by voting because i did not register myself as a voter!

oh CRAP!

I guess i should stop complaining how things are run in this country because people like me contributed to the ultimate result!

For those of you that will be voting, please make your decision WISELY!

"A survey of developed nations will show that almost all are healthy and functioning democracies with a strong opposition. For this reason, if Malaysia is to have any chance of becoming a developed state by 2020, Malaysians need to vote in a strong opposition that can deny BN its 2/3 majority"

I wonder if that is true?!

Its up to you guys, really.

Found this poster about safety in Malaysia from www.bettermalaysia.com.
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Note: i am in no way associated with the author of this poster nor the website where it originates, it is only posted for information purpose only and i am unaware of the accuracy of the poster.

Again, i wonder if it is true?!

My mind is full of question marks.

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