27 March 2008

American Idol Final 10 Performance

Didn't manage to catch this on TV last night. Didn't watch the result show either because I always think result show is a waste of time unless there are performance by some famous singer.

Overall, My favourite performance would be Michael John's.

Finally Michael Johns stepped up the game and he is now officially the one to beat!~

Got to know that Chikezie got kicked out from the show. Actually I do not think that his performance was like bad, but there is nothing unique about it. I only remember him as a good singer, thats about it.

There are others who did worse than him such as Ramiele, my ex-favourite idol. This girl is going down. She only managed to wow the audience and me, ONCE. No other amazing from her thereafter. I am starting to think that she should be out in fact, rather than Chikezie, but well American has spoken. Ramiele got her 1234th chance.. again! I hope she can buck up and perform well next week.

She killed some of my brain cell when watching this with her off pitch voice.GOSH!bad memories!Paula said that she was sick but I don't think its fair to use it as a reason for not doing well.

Kristy Lee Cook really surprised me with her performance! I couldn't even remember her face last time but now i am sure that with her performance, I shall be able to remember her from now on. Looking forward to her next performance.

Brooke White did her usual thing this week. Piano playing and singing Every Breath you take. I am getting bored of her usual technique! *YAWN" Can she ever sing fast song? I do think that she might be over-rated!

Carly Smithson's performance was a letdown. Something is wrong with her voice. Is she losing it or is she sick like Ramiele? Decide yourself!

What I wanna say to the contestants: Its getting nearer to the end of journey. Show your best now or never!

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