25 March 2008

Malaysia Dreamgirl Epi 6: the Masculine Factor

Yes, in this episode the girls are required to bring out the masculine factor in them!

No Kenny Sia commenting on the site of the photoshoot, perhaps they should ask Elaine Daly to comment on site instead?

Well, Part 1 started with the elimination scene from the last episode. I don't know about you guys but I find it hard to hear what Sazzy is saying. I remembered someone coughing in the background when Sazzy was going to tell who is the girl eliminated next.

Then Alison talked about her feelings on being eliminated, I thought she handled well. Actually, since she has been eliminated, why she never bitch about her fellow housemates ah?! Haha..I am sure everyone wants to know what's going on in there. But Allison said that she is kind of expecting Cindy to go home. Does it mean she can't get along with Cindy? This could be an indicator!

Well I was also surprised to see that Nadia was sad talking about Alison being eliminated, finally she showed some feelings huh.

And then there is Cindy who again speaks with funny accent! I am not sure if I hear it correctly but I think she didn't pronounce PURSUE properly? Next Natasha mentioned the fact that Alison's friends are all in the UK but COME ON, I know it does help if you have loads of friends but ultimately it all depends on other viewers out there who are watching the show. Therefore, in my view, Allison failed to get those votes from these viewers.

Jay, on the other hand, refers Allison as "insane" but Allison is her sanity. They are really close it seems. Ringo looked quite sad and she asked the audience "how come you guys never vote for Allison?" Er.the answer is obvious.. I think the votes went to you? haha..

Hanis the 18 years old baby girl cried as well. Checked out her eye brow! I think its sort of weird ain't it?
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Then the girls were talking about Natasha's departure. Fiqa said she don't know what to say and she gave this look? Is she smiling? Er I hope Not!
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Natasha said that she expected herself to be eliminated! Well, I think that there is no surprise. She wasn't as pretty and unique as the other girls but I can tell that she has a nice personality.

Part 2 was the photoshoot itself happening at Putrajaya. I think I shall just show you guys the picture and give some comments on it?

All photos are from the website.

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Cindy - very "flat" face. Another dead fish photo to me.

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Eyna-Like her pose, quite masculine to me but not much facial expression. I think it would be better for her to close her mouth.

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Fiqa-very Cool pose. I quite like this photo of hers. It showed some quiet confidence in her.

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Hanis- Quite a good photo too but I can't see half of her face.

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Jay- the masculine factor is 100%. Remember i always comment that she looks like a man? Now I proved my point. the fact that she did this so well really scares me.

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Nadia- She totally looked like a cowboy to me. A cowboy relaxing on the chair. Can't really see her eyes though perhaps due to the angle.

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Ringo - If this photoshoot is about being masculine, I think Ringo failed to achieve that. But you can't blame her because she is wearing a dress! She is the only one wearing a dress and i can't help to wonder WHY? Facial expression wise, I think she pulled it off but without wearing pants and a cool pair of boots like the other girls, I do not think it is fair to judge her on the masculine factor.

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Adeline- The pose is good but I can't really see her face. Perhaps she can face the camera instead the next time? Her last photo also got some weird angle to her face.

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Valerie- she looks like a mannequin to me in this photo, seems like there is not much human into it. Her legs looked short too, which shouldn't be the case because I know she has long legs.

ok guys, these are my thoughts on their photos. My favourite photo would be Fiqa's ! Feel free to share your thoughts with me!


Im[a]She said...

i guess my favourite picture will be Jay's..posture, face, everyting is just perfect..

But, I guess I will still vote for Valerie..I just Love her..

Anonymous said...

hey, just discovered your blog..
great comments on the malaysian dreamgirls'photos,production,etc. U think those production team people are reading your inputs??
feel free to drop by at guywithasmilenkelvs@blogspot.com


sheryl0202 said...

Hi Anonymous! Since you have a blogger account, i think you can sign in when you comment next time! Thanks for your encouragement because sometimes I wonder if there is anyone reading my blog or I just shiok sendiri? I am waiting for the Episode 7! Visited your blog too, keep writing!

Death Note said...

ringo was so so fake when commenting on alison's departure, that i wanted to slap her.

true natasha was always in the background, and didn't get shown talking most of the show's edit, which did not help her.
(adeline on the other hand, is obviously pretty, so she gets votes) (or has lots of friends haha)

if the contest is gonna be judged mostly on votes, surely ringo will will la. blog readers etc.

if judged on modelling skills... ringo will be the worst of all... short, no personality, fake smile, overacting, and ugly inner personality.

sheryl0202 said...

Hi deathnote,

Er, you don't like Ringo? or you know her personally? hehe..From what I see, Cindy has a worse personality. If you've watched Episode 7, you know what I am talking about. :p

erm..Adeline is pretty but she has not much expression on her face. She always look very STONED

Death Note said...

yeah, i commented after watching episode 7.

but after looking at her (ringo) blog entry, can't say she is straightforward also.

if she doesn't like the way it turned out, why come back when she was called right?

yeah, don't really like ringo,
but the point i am saying about how people get voted out is...
if it is solely based on votes, i think ringo will win la, and i don't agree she is model material. (in fact, i think she is the least among all 12).

I think there should be some form of immunity, right? such as, you win the photoshoot this week, and you get immunity this week. (or next week... but too bad if got voted out this week haaha)

I agree, Adeline always has this grumbling expression on her face... like her less each time she appears.

oh well. i am waiting for today's episode =)

sheryl0202 said...

Hi deathnote, Yes in terms of height, Ringo definitely doesn't have it. However, If you look at her photos, it it much stronger than most of the girls with heights. No doubt she might not be able to be a runway model, she could still be a magazine model. Sazzy the host is a shortie too.

Haha, you could convey your idea to the Production Team. Just write in your blog your suggestions and send it to them. You do know that there is a blog contest?

Yeah Am waiting for Episode 8 too. Wanna look at the photos before writing a post on it.

Anonymous said...

Fyi, valerie is petit in person. so i dont think she has long legs.
fyi again, ringo should be able to carry off whatever she is wearing and make do with it. just proves that she aint no model nor model in the making.