03 April 2008

Fashion Crime! I want to say it even though i might be sued!

How can I tolerate this any longer? If I am a fashion police, I would have arrested the Fashion Editor of Female Magazine.

They did it again!

You see, I was reading FEMALE magazine yesterday night.

And...CHECK THIS OUT! *all pictures are from Female Magazine*

They have this section called "The Splurge" where they recommend some fashion item that they think worth buying.

This issue the splurge will be on this plain white shirt. *Boring*

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and they tell you five ways you can wear this item.

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
Left: Em..the colour coordination is so OUT, although the red dress is cute looking. The necklace is not suitable for the whole look

Middle one: The only nice decent look

Right: the pink colour belt pretty much ruin the whole outfit. Take what Coco Chanel says :"When accessorize, always take out the last thing you put on"

THEN...CHECK THIS OUT, I can't believe my own eyes!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
Left: The model would look great without that orange jacket

Right: too much too much. So much details on the model! And i thought the rainbow top inside is Hilarious!

This is not the first time I found myself disgusted by this section of Female Magazine. Don't get me wrong, I do think the rest of the magazine is doing alright..

But for this section, can they do better than this?!

Sometimes I wish I work in a magazine.

It would be such an interesting life.

oh ya,since I am blogging, watched American Idol last night. My favourite performance is :

He is finally BACK and once again he proves that he can be the next American Idol!

and I like this too

Micheal John might be a dark horse to be looked out for. His voice is so powerful!


Anonymous said...

hi i know this sounds irrelevant to this post but could i know how many days u spent for ur Euro Trip? Im planning a trip soon but only just started researching. I really like all the places u went~
As u know theres so many places to visit around Europe n its probably impossible to visit all(unless i have all the time n $$ in the world), i really need to plan my itinerary well.

THANKS in advance..my email is Jacquel83@yahoo.com

Death Note said...

lol... white shirt for RM 379?

I'll ask my mother if we still have my old school uniform in the storeroom...

sheryl0202 said...

Jac: I will email you okay. Don't worry!

death note: Wahaha, good one!!! I think the most i would pay for a white shirt is RM100. Anyway I don't wear white colour also haha.

Evelyncyl said...

Woohoo! Join the club! I like David Archuleta!!! Great performance, right?! :)

sheryl0202 said...


Hooray! Yeah his performance last week was amazing!