28 April 2008

The Great FJ Benjamin Branded Sales

My sister's friend who works in HSBC Credit Card Department told her about this SUPER SALES!!!

Too bad I will in Sabah by then...Shucks!!!

I wanna go too.. got RAOUL, GUESS, LA SENZA, GAP etc

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2nd May is exclusively for HSBC Credit Card holders. 3rd and 4th of May is open to public.

Enjoy shopping guys and gals!


yipguseng said...

sales is good news, but the venue is at bangsar then is a bad news for me T_T

sheryl0202 said...

yipguseng: oh, you are working/staying at where?

joshuaongys said...

hey sheryl, you going to the MDG finale rite... u have 2 pass from michael hor, can i tag along?? email me @ joshuaongys@gmail.com whether its yes or no.. ha

yipguseng said...

i working in PJ, staying at PJ also :D