30 April 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale

Yes, I think you guys have heard. Our very first Malaysian Dreamgirl goes to Cindy Teh!

Honestly, I am still very shocked over this result. Everyone was basically screaming inside their heart when it was announced justnow!

I believe there would be a huge debate going on in Innit tomorrow.

For me, I am just glad that I have attended the event, took pictures with some of the Dreamgirls and made so many new friends!

The champion in my heart goes to HANIS!

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she is so gorgeous!

Will post up the rest of the pictures and what happened soon.

Good night everyone!


Simon Seow said...

You're not too slow yourself wor.

Anonymous said...

hope u can upload the pics... im in Australia, so sad that i cant see the finale...

sheryl0202 said...

Simon: I really wanted to sleep already but I feel like saying something about the Finale. Nice meeting you!

anonymous: Hey I will definitely upload the photos to show you guys how gorgeous Hanis and Fiqa looks!

Im[a]She said...

hahaha...the producers produce this show not to find models but to earn $$$$...if they really wanna find the best model, they wouldnt judge based on sms solely..I cant blame Cindy's father for putting all his money to sms Cindy coz its their responsibility to support her..and I do think she is not the only one who gets support from her parents..