19 April 2008

Hanis for Malaysian Dreamgirl !

Just visited Kinky Blue Fairy's blog.

She was at Malaysia International Fashion Week ("MIFA") where the Malaysian Dreamgirl did some runway for some designers.

Anyway, the point is that Kinky Blue Fairy took a photo with Hanis, one of the Malaysian Dreamgirl.

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Hanis look totally like a MODEL!

Since my favourite Fiqa is out from MDG, I have officially decided that after seeing this picture, Hanis would be my favourite now!!!


watched American Idol Top 7 performance on Wed. The guys totally rock the Mariah Carey week!!!

who would have thought Always be my baby can be sang that way? HE changed the song completely!

So amazing....and talented.....

I am always so touched by what these people is doing in their life......


Vinho said...

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sheryl0202 said...

Vinho: Thanks very much for your encouragement. I visited your blog as well but it's in another language?