20 April 2008

A Big Step in Life - My decision to relocate to Singapore

As mentioned in my previous post, something drastic is happening in my life. I am relocating to Singapore to practice law in a local Singpore law firm. Yes, It is indeed a major decision in life. Having spent two years+ in Malaysia after graduating from UK, this means I have to adapt to a new environment all over again.

It all started from my previous trip to Singapore. We went there to celebrate Christmas. Little did we know Singapore will be our next destination. After coming back from Singapore, we started researching on whether Malaysian lawyer can practice law over there. Upon researching, we found out that a foreign lawyer can actually apply to practice Singapore law in corporate, banking and finance area in Singapore. So after much discussions, we decided to just put in our application first. Upon getting response from some law firms, we went over to attend the interview.

One week went by and we didn't hear anything from them. Then suddenly, Jerry got his offer which he decided to take up. By the time, i still did not hear anything from the law firm I went for interview. At the point of time, I really thought we are going to have a long distance relationship, which I have very little faith in. Another week gone by and Finally I had my offer as well! The offer is real good.

Actually I have no issues with my current boss, I am thankful that he taught me loads of conveyancing knowledge. However, I think that I am quite bored of doing the same thing again and I don't really want to stay my comfort zone anymore. Of course I am sad to leave my family who has relocated to KL because of us wanting to work in KL but I believe that my parents only want the best for me. Thank god Mom understands and she told me she will come and visit me once a month although I know that deep in her heart she really don't want me to be away from her again.

Therefore, after much considerations and acceptance by my family, I have decided to move to Singapore.

New job, new life in Singapore!

Actually I really have no clue as to whether I will like living in Singapore. First of all, I have to take MRT ok? I mean i could take cab sometimes but the cab fares aren't that cheap as well. Now you know why Singaporean girls are slimmer than Malaysian girls. And also FOOD! What about all the nice food in Malaysia? I am so going to miss them!!! ?And there is also no more home cooked food and mommy's soup etc etc... Loads of people telling me different things about staying in Singapore. Luckily I do have many good friends working in Singaporean and I hang out with Singaporeans during my university days a lot. But well, I will just have to experience it myself instead of listening to this and that, right?

So, right now I need some advice as to accommodation. I kind of don't really want to look for a property through an agent. So, I would appreciate some help from you guys. Of course, worse come to worse, I would need to find an agent.

Singapore, Here I COME! Please wish me well, my dear friends.

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MY new office

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My new building


Dom. said...

Cool. It's not a everyday chance to go to Singapore to work. I wish i had the chance..

JASON said...

personal feeling aside, SG is always better for your career but I just feel the opportunity is not there

sheryl0202 said...

Hi Dom, You are still young! You never know where Destiny is taking you next. Just sit back and enjoy your life right now!

sheryl0202 said...

Jason: Can you elaborate that further?

JoeJoe said...

Don't worry there are plenty of good food in Singapore and you don't have to travel very far for them. I bet you'll love it here since you've been working in KL before. Just be prepared to get bored since there's nothing much to do or go here, it'll just be the same old usual stuff every month for the rest of your time here. LOL.

Anyway welcome!! COngrats on your job too. =)

Falcon said...

I never knew malaysians lawyers can practise there..Thx for the link and info!!

sheryl0202 said...

Joejoe: Thanks! Remember to recommend me the good food in Singapore!

falcon: you are welcome. Not many people know about this as well.

Johnny Ong said...

well, spore girls are much slimmer cuz they get squeezed daily in the mrt

Simon Seow said...

You should read this blog. She's just moved to Singapore to work 2 months ago and she's in the law industry too.


sheryl0202 said...

Johny: Wa, does it mean I will get slim too?

Simon: thanks for your info. I visited the blog and I think she is no longer in the law industry.

Johnny Ong said...

when i'm in spore for hols, their buses and mrt were not a problem for me. i cld travel from ang mo kio to the science centre without getting lost (one of those trips).

in kl, i bet a tourist wld be lost in which one shld they board 1st

sheryl0202 said...

Johnny: Yeah I suppose Singapore is really organised in their way. Not too worry about getting lost, just dislike squeezing in MRT, which is unavoidable!

WanShin said...

Hi Sheryl,

D&N has a good rep cos I've worked with them in a corporate proposal (they were our foreign counterpart in that exercise). Good money and good experience but scary hours. All the best!

revel in me said...

Hey dear, random, but I would be going over to S'pore to work soon too! :)

sheryl0202 said...

Wanshin: yes I am prepared to work those crazy hours! Still young what *blush*

Revel-In-Me: Hey thanks for the info. Found a place to stay yet?

C K said...

Hope that you'll find it fine in Singapore. Come on, KL is just a few hours from the island.

You can visit your family every weekend, yah?

FHM said...

Drew & Napier!
Can't help but shouting out.

it's my dream firm!

But I haven't get my degree yet :(
too bad

btw, you have a nice blog!;)