07 April 2008

I only want the best for you

Today is an emotional day for me.

Knowing that you are really embarking on your journey to a brand new place after so much discussions;

You are so brave in fulfilling your ambitions and goal;

Many challenges and unknowns haunting my mind this very second but..;

I cannot stop you from spreading your wings,

as I can only wish what is best for you;

hoping that the changes are for better;

and there is still us in your future.

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bunbungirl said...

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Anonymous said...

hey sheryl..look at it this way, what is a few years of working overseas if u get to find out if he's the real one for u... and that u would get to spend ur eternal life time with him. True?
there's internet,webcam,handphone to keep in touch...plus both are working, so no prob in visiting him overseas also rite?? It's how u view it.take it as a challenge for both of u!


sheryl0202 said...

Hi guywithasmile:

Thanks very much for your encouragement :) We shall be strong!

calvin said...

surely you will find it hard once the two of you are not living together anymore, but as someone who is involved in LDR myself, i believe as long as the two parties is committed and trust, it will not be a problem.

good luck and ganbare! ;)

sheryl0202 said...

Calvin: thanks for your encouragement. I was once in a LDR myself. I think i am not ready to have another LDR anymore.