06 April 2008

MDG 9&10- Ms.C Strikes Back & Wella Inspiration

New episodes of Malaysian Dreamgirl !

Super Long post Ahead!

The show is getting longer as Episode 9 has 7 parts and Episode 10 has 6 parts! Actually as long as it is quality editing, how many parts also doesn't matter to me !

Episode 9

Part 1 : Hair Saloon Visit

The girls visited Wella Hair Saloon. Well, another advertisement for one of the sponsors Wella Professionals. Good for the girls as I am sure these hair spa treatment costs more than RM100 at least?! I have no idae as I haven't been.

Each of the girls then take turns to say something about their hair treatment.

Fiqa: very simple thank you speech

Eyna: memang senorok, thank you Wella and with this hand sign which does not look very sophisticated to me at all.

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Ringo: She thank Wella System Professional with her cute voice. I think the sponsor would be v pleased with her because she mentioned the full name of the sponsor! So PRO !

Adeline: Hi I am Adeline (Er..I thought we all know that she is Adeline? Is she trying to impress the Wella boss?) Thank you Wella System Professional(yeah she mentioned full name also) to do my hair done (What kind of english is this?)

Gosh, I think she really need to improve her english if she were to win at all.

Nadia: Nadia explained in details what was done to her hair. She looks amazing after the treatment! I have the same problem as her and maybe I should get Wella volumising products as well!
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Cindy: speaking with he ascent as usual. She said thank you and "you will see me a lot lah..for the whole year.." Yes we all know it's FREE okay , Ms C!

Hanis: "seronok, macam bersyukur sangat!macam kena pamper lah show..." She look cute when she said all these but Can she speak English ar?

Jay: explained her hair issues as well but I wanted to yawn when she was talking about ! *BORING*

Part 2: House visits by Bloggers

I only have one problem with this part. I can't really hear what they are talking about?

Funny part is where Timothy introduced Shaolin Tiger as the only expat in Malaysia that can speak with Malaysia ascent? haha...

Also, the girls kept praising Eyna, saying that she always take good pictures so effortless. But that can't changed the fact that there aren't enough people voting for her. Too bad.

Read about it here:

Timothy Tiah the boss of Nuffnang
Eh , I don't think pinkau has blogged about it?

Part 3: Fashion Challenge

Since it is a challenge, how come Jimmy kept on giving his opinions to the girls? He should let them try it themselves! Can he keep his mouth shut? Obviously with his direction, all the girls picked the ok outfit. Which means the viewers can't see whether the girls are capable of picking the right outfit for themselves!

Bebe's clothes are really nice. I wanna pop by to Bebe the next time I am at Pavilion.

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Nadia is the winner. I am unsure if it is a fair decision or not as Jimmy gave so much direction to the girls.

Part 4: Fashion Shoot Site Visits

The girls visited a fashion shoot to see the real working scene.

The female model is so GORGEOUS!
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Part 6&7: Elimination

Eyna is OUT!

I feel for Eyna 's fans because I thought someone else should have been out? :p

Anyway to me, its not to say surprising that she is out although at first I thought she would be able to sustain for another few weeks as she does have model potential. The critical problem about Eyna i guess would be her quiet personality. She is always speaking Malay as well, I think every girls should speak English to appeal to more audiences out there. It is very hard for the clients to book her for runway or photo shoot if they can't even remember her in the first place because she does not show her personality.

Episode 10- Photoshoot challenge

Elaine Daly was at site. At first she told the girls that they are suppose to do it themselves without any guidance. However, she has to step in later on because she feel that the girls are not performing well.

Lets let the pictures do the talking!
The purpose of this photoshoot is to show the Make up and the hairstyle. I think most of the girls did badly for this photoshoot.

Adeline : I don't like this picture. Her eyes look weird to me. Her lips look sexy though.

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Ms. C : Somehow or rather, I think Ms. C looks scared to me in this picture. Is this because of all the gossips of her? I wonder why they choose this angle of hers?

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Love this picture of Fiqa. Her eyes shown confidence. I would like her mouth to be closed though.

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Very fierce look of Hanis. I think she is trying to give attitude to this picture, which is what Elaine told them to do.

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I think this photo of Jay is quite strong as well. I only like upper part of the face because I think her mouth is showing too much.

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She seemed sad and vulnerable in this picture. However, I like her eyes.

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Ringo: I do think that Ringo has the weakest picture this week. The angle does not help her at all. But I am not worry about her because she has loads of supporters!
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Part 5 &6:

Ms. C's mom expressed her concern over her daughter's constant attack by the others. Poor mom, must be worrying for her daughter. She said that the production team should focus on the talent and performance alone, does it mean she agree that they shouldn't keep showing her daughter's Evil Side? :p Just jk ok?

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However, if there is no drama in this show, it won't attract so much audience watching it.

I am beginning to sympathize with Ms. C, to be honest. She sounded desperate and the only friend she has, Adeline is getting close to others. Peer pressure huh?
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Cindy explained about the shoe incident Fiqa was talking about in Episode 7 and the drama continues...

Watch it if you want more juicy gossips!

Last but not least: Here's a gift for you, our Ms.C going mad talking about the shoe incident!
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Monkey said...

To me, Cindy is just making a fool of herself. And I can't believe what she said to her mum in the phone. She mustn't use "MALAI PO(Malay Girl)", "INDU PO(Indian Girl)" when referring to Jay and the other Malays. That's just unfair and shows that she's shallow in front of the camera. How to vote for her you tell me?

I suggest she continues to pretend to be someone else rather than be the bubbly one around so that I can hate her less....

sheryl0202 said...


She said that she was just being herself, can't she see that being herself really irritates people? So i think she should take up your suggestions and just be someone else haha..

Im[a]She said...

im kinda disappointed at all the girls except for Hanis..just like wat Tyra Banks said to all her models..its all about the face and the eyes..the eyes cannot be dead..I guess there girls has to read more fashion magazine and learn how to pose well...

Hanis, BRAVO!!!She really listen to all the comments whinh has been given to her..u go girll