05 April 2008

OMG! I won the MDG blogging contest again?!

I was browsing through MalaysiaDreamgirl website, wanted to watch Episode 10. and GUESS WHAT?

OMG! I can't believe my own eyes!

I won the MDG blogging contest again!!!

check out the website!

I mentioned in my previous post that i might not win again, but who noes!

The sponsors are so GENEROUS!!!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

I haven't receive any email from Nuffnang though.

I hope they won't refuse to give me the prize because I won previously?

In fact, I would love a chance to go to the Dream House!!!

Wanna meet the girls personally......CAN I CAN I?

It's a happy day for me! YAY!

Post on Episode 9&10 tomorrow k?


Dom. said...

Wow.. grats.. Really opened my eyes. Times winner..

sheryl0202 said...

Hi dom,

Thanks...you watch the show?

Chee Hoe said...

Congratz on winning again.
So many people watching MDG. People that I know keep talking about the level of bitchiness around the house... lol

sheryl0202 said...

Chee Hoe:

Thanks.. Yeah I know..the heat in the house is rising by second~